Welcome to the Geography Department’s revision pages.

Revision is important but remember that we revise in different ways so there is a range of resources below to help you.
If you are looking at different revision resources you will need to remember that we are studying AQA Geography GCSE.

Useful websites


BBC Bitesize – revision pages and quizzes (does not cover all of the course but useful)
Click on: https://www.bbc.com/education/examspecs/zy3ptyc

Quizlets – revise keywords using online flashcards / quizzes / games etc. Divided into topics. Great for learning and improving your vocabulary.
Click on: https://quizlet.com/geogonout

Cool Geography – a great site with detailed case study notes.
www.coolgeography.co.uk Click on GCSE on the menu at the top and choose your topic!

Revision guides – There are CGP guides available from the finance office at a cost of £3.50.
Another revision guide has recently become available from Oxford Press. This goes with the textbooks we have in school. We do not currently hold copies but it is available online.
Both publishers produce exam practice workbooks which are useful.

Printable Resources – We have created a summary sheet for each topic, a case study sheet and a glossary.
They are available via the folders below.
Unit one resources are available here.
Please keep checking this area as more become available.