Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to a short round up of the first week back.


Term 6

I have written under separate cover about expectations for the term ahead. Please see the letter here:


Year 11 exams

A huge well done to all Year 11 pupils – again, this has been a very positive week.

I understand that everyone is getting tired now (my own daughter is in Year 11, so I understand your perspective, parents!)

Please can I ask that everyone keeps persevering right up until the end. The Turbo Timetable and Revision Lessons are crucial last minute chances to check in. The effort and hard yards now will be worth it!


Year 10 Work Experience

If you have not had the chance to, please see some great pictures of our Year 10 Work Experience placements on our social media feeds.

Pupils have been BRILLIANT this week and it’s been great to see you all in the workplace. Thank you, Mr Jennings – a week well organised.

We look forward to hearing all about it next week:  pupils, please remember to be in full uniform!



I am increasingly concerned about the risks to health that vaping presents.

We are not alone as a school in having this as an issue but I would like to draw all parents’ attention to the following:

  1. Vapes are not allowed in school. They will be searched for and confiscated as necessary. They will not be returned.
  2. It is illegal for pupils under 18 to buy nicotine vapes
  3. Pupils will be isolated for first / second offences (on an increasing tariff) and suspended for third offences, or if they do not co-operate with lawful searches

I would also ask parents not to buy children vapes – this puts school in a difficult position.

The Children’s Commissioner Dame De Souza has written about this issue recently and asked for urgent government action. You can read the summary here,dangerous%2C%20products%20to%20become%20mainstream.

Finally, the BBC has an accessible information site here also that outlines the dangers of vaping:


PE Clubs and Activities

I must thank members of the PE department for their time and effort this week in supporting extra curricular visits. There have been a number of these, the photos of which and details will be shared early next week.


It is already shaping up to a term that will see us “live life to the full!” I am grateful to God for each and every young person and family in our community and pray you enjoy a great weekend.


Best wishes

John Cornish