Dear Parents and Carers, Colleagues and Pupils


I am writing at the end of an eventful week for the country with national events again moving a frenetic pace.


Here are some of the key updates from our part of the world:


Times of the school day – next week

Next week, the times of the school day for the next two weeks will revert to our normal, pre exam timings. This means we will have the following:


Period 1        0840-0940

Period 2        0940-1040

Tutor            1040-1100

Break           1100-1120

Period 3        1120-1220

Period 4        1220-1320

Lunch           1320-1400

Period 5        1400-1500



Times of the school day – next year

Also, you will recall my previous letter about the times of the day for the next academic year.


The Department for Education have asked all schools to implement a 32.5-hour working week as soon as possible.


The times of the day going forward, including the shift of tutor time to first thing in the morning, are given below:


Tutor            0830-0900

Period 1        0900-1000

Period 2        1000-1100

Break           1100-1120

Period 3        1120-1220

Period 4        1220-1320

Lunch           1320-1400

Period 5        1400-1500


I understand that the new times will take a little getting used to, but I am grateful in advance for everyone’s support in ensuring that attendance and punctuality are really prioritised by all pupils and parents / carers next year.


Year 11 Prom

Tonight, we are have had a brilliant time welcoming Year 11 pupils to their final event with us before the summer break – the Prom. There were plenty of stylish suits and gowns on display and we look forward to sharing some pictures of the event in due course.


Pupil visit to PMQs

What a week to visit London!

Our Head Boy and Girl and I were invited this week by our MP Richard Drax to visit Parliament and observe what turned out to be the Boris Johnson’s final PMQs before his resignation. Helping pupils understand how democracy works is so important and we look forward to engaging pupils more in this regard next year.


End of Year Assessments

We are nearly there with these now – with a few catch up sessions booked and one or two to finish off but then pupils will be away and clear. Thank you to all pupils for working hard at these. Staff will now work on these to assess them and prepare the results as part of the final progress check of the year.


Sports Day

On Monday we have Sports Day. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to an event of activity.

We have a great morning planned onsite in terms of traditional events and also offsite at Dorset Adventure Park with the usual relays in the afternoon.

It is looking like a hot week, so pupils must remember to wear sunscreen and a hat.

They should also make sure to have a water bottle with them to stay hydrated.

If you have any questions about the day, please contact Mr Hyde at [email protected]


Summer Showcase

Having announced the show for next year as Legally Blonde Junior and having had pupils take part in a number of offsite music / dance events (Sea Shanties and the Commonwealth Baton relay), I feel that the Performing Arts are really on the ascendency. It is with great pleasure, therefore, that we invite you to our Summer Showcase on Tuesday evening. Full details are here


Next week

The summer programme continues next week with further events:



Thank you for your ongoing support. I hope that the weather holds over the weekend and you have a restful and relaxing one.


God Bless you all


John Cornish