Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to a round up of the week. With just two weeks remaining, it is hard to believe that the end of the half term is on the horizon!

Events this week

This week there have been a number of activities and events taking place:

Well done to everyone involved in all of the above!

Coming up 

Next week, there are as ever, further events in our calendar:


Important updates about school operations

Mobile Phones

I am incredibly grateful to parents supporting us regarding mobile phones. The dependency that many youngsters have on their device is not healthy and you may have seen the news this week that the Education Secretary is planning to introduce guidance to ban them completely during the school day. (She is a little behind the times in Weymouth & Portland where schools have realised this is a sensible way forward for some years.)

Our position is this: for the first time that a pupil’s phone is seen, it will be confiscated, handed into the office and then returned to the pupil. For the second and subsequent times, it will be confiscated and returned to a parent / carer only. Senior members of staff are always on site into the evening until 6.30pm and so if you need to collect the phone, please do not worry if you need to come a little later. We will always work with pupils to make sure they can arrange homeward travel in the evening also. It is so important, though, that they do not argue with staff and accept the rules. Thank you for reminding them of this.

Whilst on the subject of mobile phones, I am concerned about some groups that children are in on social media. This is the same around the country but it does not mean that parents should stop checking devices at secondary school. Please check your child’s device regularly and help them leave and block any unhelpful groups.

Food at Break and Lunch

Thank you for reminding pupils about eating food in the Hall / Canteen at lunch and break and not in the corridors / outside. There has been less litter about the site this week which has been good.

No Physical Contact at Break or Lunch

Children should not make physical contact with one another during the school day, including at break or lunch. This prevents situations arising from incidents that can appear innocuous or friendly at first but then lead to pupils getting a bit overexcited.

Achievement Points, Attendance and Learning Ready

Next week, pupils whose attendance and Learning Ready scores have been good (i.e. no warnings / removals) and who have good attendance  will be awarded additional achievement points to their Satchel One Account. Well done to everyone who is expecting a reward in this regard!


Please can I take this chance to thank parents for working so closely with us. I think it’s clear that building back from Covid continues to take some time, but it is by working together that we achieve the most. Please email or phone us if you need to meet – this helps us plan the day effectively and support your children. It is not always possible to have immediate appointments simply by turning up at reception.

Enjoy the weekend and may you find moments of peace in a fast paced world. God bless you and your family!

John Cornish