Dear Parents and Carers

I think we knew it would, but the four day week has certainly flown by!

1 Year 11 Exams
Well done to Year 11 for your continued focus and determination over these last few weeks.

The GCSEs begin on Thursday next week.

I would encourage all parents to check carefully with your children their revision plans as they stand at the moment – there is always time to do more! Also, please make sure your child gets plenty of rest in the lead up and during the exams – they will be tired.

This week, we have released details of the Year 11 Prom which is a great way to celebrate after giving everything over the next few weeks.

2 Events & Visits
Next week we have the following:

– Our Year 5 Information Evening on Monday 9 May
– The Year 8 Parent Consultation Evening on Thursday
– Year 9 Options Interviews

The week after on Thursday 19 May we have the Cluedo Theatre visit

3 Uniform and Phones
Thank you to everyone for supporting our updated approach to phones and uniform – pupils have looked really smart this work and I am pleased that we have had far fewer instances of phones being seen on site.

As a parent myself I do understand the challenges of the dynamics between teens and their phones. Your support is much appreciated and is helping pupils focus.

I think we could probably all do with a little less screen time in our lives as a general rule of thumb in the twenty first century also!

4 Exams for other year groups
These will take place shortly after the end of the Year 11 Exams

Before May Half term, pupils in each year group will receive information about the content and key topics that will be tested. This will be shared with parents and pupils so there is advance warning for what will be covered.

5 Staffing updates
I am pleased to confirm that Mr Rich has been appointed to the Curriculum Leader of Maths post. He is starting this with immediate effect.

Also for next year, I have appointed a new RE teacher, Mr Curtis, and an additional Family Liaison Officer, Mrs Dennis to join our Attendance Team.

As ever, please get in touch with us at school if you need anything.

With Regards and Every Blessing!
John Cornish