Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you for your support this week. It has been good to welcome pupils back to school. I am sorry for the disruption on Thursday but everyone has stayed safe and well which is of course, the most important thing.

A couple of key points this week:



Punctuality to lessons has been much improved – well done to the vast majority of pupils. Remember that pupils have 3 minutes to get to class after the bell so that lessons can start promptly. If pupils arrive after this they will be removed from the lesson and will have a detention also.

Behaviour in class have been good. We have reminded pupils of the principle of disruption free learning so that everyone can listen and learn. If pupils disrupt learning they will be removed from that lesson (all day for a second removal) with further sanctions if necessary.

If pupils do not meet the expectations and / or arrive late to class, they will be removed so as not to disadvantage others.


House System

We returned to an excellent competition to launch our new House System – well done to Cassini with 240 points. Second were Pioneer and third were Apollo. Never before have I seen such a wonderful array of creatively carved pumpkins! We have another competition coming straight up – our annual Christmas Card Design competition. Please get involved!


Sports Events

There have been lots of fixtures in this regard this week with Rugby, Basketball and Football across Key Stage 3 boys and girls. Well done to everyone representing the school and taking part. Details are on our social media feeds.


Coming up

Year 7 Assessments start next week

Monday 6 November – Positively You Workshops Year 10 P1 & P2; Year 9 P3 & P4; Year 8 P5 & P6

Tuesday 7 November – Gideons Bible Society meet Year 7 in assembly

Friday 10 November – School Council Meeting

Looking further ahead, Year 11 Mocks start on 13 November


I will stop there and wish you well for a positive weekend with your families!


Best wishes

John Cornish