Dear Parents and Carers


Thank you for all of your support this week on what has been a very busy week returning to school


A couple of quick updates :


1 First week back 

Well done pupils this week on looking really smart and behaving so positively after the holiday. With the warm weather here, I would encourage pupils to have their shirt and blazer on as the starting point and have their jumper with them, rather than all three!

Thank you for supporting our approach regarding phones and other devices. I know that these are very important to young people but it is very important that they are not dependent on their phones and they must not use them in school.


2 Site Improvement Works

Hopefully pupils will have let you know about the upgraded flooring in the West corridors of the school – this has certainly smartened up the Maths, Humanities and ICT corridors.

I am pleased to confirm that the Summer site works plan will include upgrading further Science labs as well as finalising the toilets around the site. A number of classrooms will have their boards upgraded also.


3 Lockdown Drill

Next week, I am planning to run the postponed lockdown drill from before Easter. This was not possible due to staffing and pupil absences due to Covid disruption. Please reassure your children – this is simply a drill, just like a fire drill.

It is likely to take place on Thursday mid morning next week.


4 Satchel One

Thanks to everyone for downloading and using Satchel One. I’m sorry that there have been some issues with attendance and I am continuing to work with them to get this resolved.

We will no longer be texting about detentions from next week since everything appears in the Satchel One App.


5 Key Dates Term 5

There a couple of key dates coming up:


Finally, I hope that you and your family enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend!


Best wishes

John Cornish