Dear Parents and Carers

Please take a moment to read this week’s updates:


1) Covid 19

Once again, I really am very sorry for the disruption that we have had this week due to Covid. We have had upwards of 20 staff absent on a daily basis, though, and it has simply not been possible to open to every year group. I realise also that there are futher knock ons with staff absence (e.g. Parents Evening). If you need to speak with a particular member of staff about your child, please contact me via the office email.

At the moment, we do have a number of staff returning on Monday so we will be open for all year groups next week.

If the situation changes, I will update you.


2) Events this week

I must say how proud I have been of pupils last week. Their appetite for taking part in a wide ranging extra curricular offer has been excellent and this week with a number of sporting fixtures and extra curricular trips. I have also been really pleased to see our Dance and Music clubs going from strength to strength.

Please do encourage your child to take part in a club of their choice since it will give them a positive outlet, help develop team work and be fun!


3) Next week

There are a couple of key things I’d like to draw your attention to:


Coming up — we will be releasing details of a number of exciting trips and visits next year in the coming week or two


Finally, I have sent a number of letters today. Please do check the website for more details


Have a great weekend!


Every Blessing

John Cornish