Dear Parents and Carers


Welcome to a short round up of the week from a school perspective. The term is now thoroughly up and running!


Events this week

Thank you to all parents, carers and pupils who were able to attend the Welcome and Information Evenings for Year 9 & Year 10 this week. If you were unable to attend, please click on the links below for your child’s year group:

Year 9:

Year 10:


This week we  also saw Year 11 pupils take part in the first day of the Geography Field Trip. Whilst we had to cancel the second day due to the bad weather, the provisional date for the second visit is 19 October. Miss Rolph will write to confirm next week.


Also this week, pupils in Year 7 have been sent test scores from the Cognitive Abilities Tests to help parents and carers understand more about their children’s learning styles.


We also held our regular School Council meeting in which pupils take on leadership roles. In particular this year, we are looking forward to refreshing the House System. More to come soon in this regard.


Events next week

There are two important events next week:



The first of these gives pupils a chance to reflect on our global society and think about wider culture and context. I am grateful to our MFL Department for planning this day.


The second of these is always a busy and important day – pupil photos! Please ensure that your child wears their uniform smartly and correctly on this day – we want them looking their best! Please remember make up must be discrete and nose piercings are not permitted at all.


Year 11 Update



The new uniform is looking really smart and I am pleased so many older pupils are also choosing to wear it. We are continuing with the old uniform this year also but I would like to remind everyone that:


I hope that the weather over the weekend is better than it was earlier in the week and that you have a good few days together.


Best wishes; God bless you all


John Cornish