Dear Parents and Carers, Colleagues and Pupils


Welcome to a short round up of what has been a very busy first week back


Events this week

This week there have been a number of key events:


Events next week

Project Touchline:

Year 7 will  take part in this on Monday 24 April and can wear their PE kit on that day.

Year 8 will be taking part on Tuesday 25 April and they can wear their PE kit also on this day.

Pupils in both year groups should wear their normal uniform for the other days of the week.


Year 8 Parent Consultation Evening:

This is taking place online on Monday & Thursday. I am extremely sorry but we have experienced another technical issue for Thursday’s sessions which means they will need to be rebooked. Please accept my sincere apologies for this. Bookings for this will open at 4pm on Monday.


Industrial Action:

This is taking place on Thursday 27 April and ONLY Year 11 and Year 10 should attend school on this day. They must wear full uniform.


Looking ahead

There are a number of key events coming up on the calendar:


New Uniform

Regarding the new uniform, thank you for all of the positive feedback that we have received.

I recognise also that there have been some questions and would like to reassure parents that:

In the next two weeks, I will be able to share a full parent information pack with you all so that you can be introduced to the new supplier


I will finish where I started – it has been a very busy week – thank you for your support and apologies once again to Year 8 Parents and Carers for the disruption caused regarding next week.


Kind Regards

John Cornish