Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to a short round up of the week. With one week to go, it is fair to say the term has flown by!


This week

There have been a number of key events including:

Well done to everyone involved.


Important reminders

On a practical, I would be grateful for parents talking with pupils about 3 things:

  1. Uniform – please remember that this year, we are in a transition year to our new school uniform. The expectation is that every pupil will be in the new uniform by September 2024. Please remember that hoodies in particular are not permitted
  2. Aerosols & deodorants – these are not allowed in school. This is on the grounds of health and safety (they can cause a fire risk) but also we have many pupils and staff who are asthmatic. Spray deodorants / body sprays can cause a serious reaction with real health risks. Please make sure your child does not have these in their bag.
  3.  Vapes – you may have seen the government’s intention to ban disposable vapes due to the risks that they pose to children’s health. At the moment, too many young people are overly reliant on vapes. They cause disruption in school and disturb learning. Please do not allow your child to bring them to school – they are absolutely banned at school.


Coming up

Random Acts of Kindness Week

This is taking place nationally in Half Term, but we are marking it in school next week! Pupils have engaged so postively so far – please do keep an eye out for postcards and stickers as we have some fun and make kindness the norm. Thanks to Miss Cupit and Miss Ward for your efforts in leading this.

Year 11 Revision Programme

For more information please see the original letter here: Year 11 Revision Feb Half Term. Please note that on 14 and 15 Feb, we are having the boilers serviced so pupils should bring an extra jumper. A pizza lunch will be provided

Next week, we also have:

Monday 5 Feb – House Competition – Bake Off

Tuesday 6 Feb – Year 10 Learning for Life input with Miss Bligh (online safety) for the accelerated RE group

Wednesday 7 Feb – Year 8 Options Drama Performance

Thursday 8 Feb – Year 8 Parents Evening. Please read the letter here:

All week, we also have attendance tutor group prizes and our half termly pastoral celebration assemblies


Thank you once again for your ongoing support

God bless you all and your families this weekend

Best wishes

John Cornish