Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to a short round up of the week


Children in Need

Well done to everyone for supporting our Children in Need fundraiser which has raised over £650 today!

In particular, I would like to extend my particular thanks to Lily Wilson for leading the whole event and advocating for Children in Need. Also, to her team who supported throughout the day with a number of activities and giving opportunities.

Finally, well done to Charles who ran a pop up Cafe from the offices this week serving coffee and pastries to teaching staff. Over £100 raised, alongside some valuable practical learning!


Pupil behaviour

I would like to thank all parents for continuing to support our updated behaviour for learning policy.

Pupils have fed back that they like the new system because it maximises learning time without distractions getting in the way.

This week, I would be very grateful for you talking with your child about the WC facilities at school. We have had some damage to them which is very disappointing, particularly since we have invested a considerable sum of money upgrading all of these to modern facilities.

If your child is able to share any details about how the damage has been caused, please ask them to see me discretely on Monday morning. Clearly, we need to look after our facilities as best as we can so that they can be used for everyone.


Events this week

In addition to our Children in Need Fundraiser, it has been a busy week with other events including:


Events next week

With Christmas coming, I would like to invite everyone to take part in our Christmas Card competition – information has been shared with all year groups. In addition, we have the following events coming up:

There is so much going in also every day in classrooms and with mock exams, plus the revision sessions for Year 11 pupils, that is really is a busy season


Wishing you all a restful and peaceful weekend


Kind Regards and God bless

John Cornish