Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to my usual brief round up of the week. Pupils are now well into the swing of Term 1 and our strong start continues.



I must say a huge thank you to parents for your support in this regard. Pupils are wearing the new (and existing) uniform proudly and smartly. To help remind them they need to do this at all times, they have a sticker on the back of their planner on which they can get positive and negative ticks. Three positive ticks gains 10 points towards the rewards visits and 3 negative ticks is a detention. Please make sure they have their planner with them every day

Having spoken with our uniform supplier this week, we have now resolved all outstanding issues and orders. Thank you for working with us on this.

A reminder about shoes – these must be black leather. Trainers are not allowed and pupils will be sent home to change.

Also, nose piercings are not allowed; neither are hoodies or nail varnish / gels / acrylic. 


Guidance on attendance

There is clearly another strain of Covid 19 circulating at this time, so I wanted to give updated guidance. Covid 19 should now be treated as a normal illness and pupils can attend as long they feel well enough to do so. The other element to be aware of is whether or not a pupil has a temperature. The link below is a very helpful one that helps parents understand if children can attend school:

Is my child too ill for school? – NHS (

Please remember the need for strong attendance and that attendance has the biggest impact on progress! Therefore, please continue to ensure children are in every day and provide us with all details if they are not.


Satchel One – Home Learning

All pupils have been given a letter this week with Satchel One log in details. This can be accessed here: Satchel One | Learning platform

This is a reminder for Year 8 – 11 and a first time set up for Year 7. For Year Parents and Carers, I am very sorry there has been a little confusion with some pupils still awaiting their log-in details. This will be rectified early next week. Staff will not impose any detentions for pupils who cannot access Satchel One!


Open Evening

This was a great evening on Thursday of this week. Please thank you child if they took part – with tour guides, subject specific displays, teas and coffees and lots more to share with Year 6 pupils and parents, this was an excellent effort. Pupils have had a voucher for the canteen and badge. They should see the office if they still need to collect theirs!


Academic Target Setting & CAT data

This week Mrs Jeanes, Mr Purkis and I have shared academic targets with pupils in Assemblies. Pupils have been given a minimum target and challenge grade, although pupils will of course be able to exceed these if they work hard! Please talk with your child about this information at home.

Year 7 parents – we need to wait a little while for the data providers to give this information to us for new pupils. However, next week, you will receive the CAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) report for your child. This is a helpful report that gives an indication into a child’s areas of strength and those for development. Again, please share this with your child when the report comes home in a hard copy format.


Finally, we have reflected on our vision in assemblies and tutor time this week – Act Wisely, Build Community, Help Others. We have seen that in action lots this week and I look forward to seeing more of the same next week. Enjoy the weekend


Kind Regards

John Cornish