Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to my usual round up of the week. With one more week to go, I would like to say well done to everyone for their efforts this half term and to “keep going” for the final week.

Events this week

There have been lots of events this week, in particular sporting events across the year groups:

Beyond sporting events, Year 11 had an assembly with Budmouth about Post 16 destinations and Lily Wilson was nominated the position of the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for Dorset and Wiltshire – a really brilliant achievement and one that rightly recognises Lily’s hard work and determination to make a difference in her community.

Thank you to all Year 11 pupils and parents / carers who came in for our Revision Evening – please do use the information sent out after the event to prepare for your mocks after half term.

Events next week

Coming up next week, we have the following:

After Half Term

After Half Term, I also intend to relaunch a renewed focus on pupils bringing the basic equipment to school. This means every child having a pencil case with the minimum equipment in it each day:

We will be able to supply the above for £2 from the school shop but recognise that many pupils will prefer to bring their own equipment. Thank you in advance for your support of the above – we need parents to ensure that children are equipped every day. If pupils repeatedly do not bring equipment to school, they will be set detentions but I hope that everyone will agree that having a pen is a necessity for learning!

Also after half term, we need to have another push on attendance. This has been dropping a bit over the last few weeks and so it will be important to rest and recover over the half term and go again.

I will finish by wishing you all a restful and peaceful weekend

Kindest Regards

John Cornish