Dear Parents and Carers, Pupils and Staff


Thank you for your work this week. Please read these key updates:


1) Year 11 Mocks

These are taking place next week and the week after. It is essential therefore, that pupils are quiet in the South Corridor and near the LRC. Well done, Year 11, for all of your hard work in preparing for these. Please do make sure to complete your preparations over the weekend but also do get plenty of rest on Sunday night so you are ready to go!


2) Online Safety Week

Pupils have responded very positively to the input on online safety this week. Pupils – you need to know how to block and report messages through social media platforms. Parents, thanks for checking phones carefully!


3) Reading

Mr Oxborrow has written to you all about reading this week. Reading is such an important skill to master during school and everyone should always have a reading book with them. Please do complete the short survey


4) Bus feedback 

This survey closes on Monday – thank you to all who have replied so far. I will send the feedback to colleagues at Dorset Council


5) Lesson times next week

Please make sure you understand the new lesson times next week. There are two lessons, then tutor and break, then one lesson, then lunch, then periods 4 & 5 after lunch. This will last for the duration of the mocks.


6) Covid 19

I am pleased to confirm that cases stay low. Please do, however, continue to test twice weekly so that we can continue to identify and isolate cases. It’s important to push on with strong attendance now to come back well after the pandemic


Finally – I do wish you all a positive and restful weekend. With just a week to go, I am sure everyone is looking forward to a well deserved break!


Best wishes

John Cornish