To inquire about free school meals for your child, please visit the Dorset Council Free School Meals webpage [link below] or call Dorset Direct on 01305 221090.

Dorset Council will require your National Insurance or Asylum Seekers Service Number and will be able to provide an immediate response as to whether you are entitled to Free School Meals.  The grounds for entitlement are clear on the Dorset Council website.

Please do register for free school meals (FSM) if you believe you are in receipt of relevant benefits, even if your child does not want to access the free food in school.  The funding we receive will be used to support your child with their education.  FSM vouchers are also provided for support during the school holidays.  Free School Meals and Ever 6/Pupil Premium (for the six years following entitlement ceasing) may also mean you can have discounts on some items and visits.

Dorset Council Free School Meals webpage

Free school meals poster