The purpose of our House System – to reward pupils for engagement whilst providing enrichment and enjoyment, in lessons and through a whole variety of different activities.


Challenger house motto – accept the challenge.
The challenger house colour is red and our motto is ‘Accept the Challenge.’ Head of Challenger House is Mrs Lucken with Mr Jennings as the Deputy Head of House. Honours include House day champions in 2012 and overall House champions in 2014. Last year we were runners up to the House cup but this year we have made a great start toward getting our hands on that trophy again as we are currently leading in the sports cup league table.
Come on you reds – Rise to the Challenge


(The Blue House)
In Discovery House we are proud to wear out blue house colours, we strive to do our best in all situations. The values of team work and perseverance help us to reach our full potential both individually and collectively.


Welcome to the home of the ‘Green heroes’! “Endeavour Forever”
We encourage everyone in our House to endeavour to be the best they can be, although in the words of one of our most famous, Kermit the Frog, ‘It’s not easy being Green’.
Our previous honours have included winning the Inter-House Event Trophy in 2013/14.
The Head of Endeavour House is Mr Anderson


Enterprise (yellow) are currently the reigning Sports Cup holders 2013/2014 and finished second in the overall House Trophy.
We don’t necessarily have the most able pupils in the house but when it comes to representing the house we have a very committed and enthusiastic group of pupils. The fact that we have pupils in the house who take part in all the activities throughout the year ensured we won the Trophy. Well done to all of you.
Come Enterprise, I’d like both Trophies this year!

Ways to earn house points:

One house point is available for attitude, behaviour and achievement in each subject every fortnight.

Subjects have a variety of activities during the year which provide opportunities to earn house points.

House points are available for attending clubs, representing the school and taking part in competitions.

Each house has its own charity week to encourage an awareness of the wider community and house points are available for involvement with this.

Each house has its own environmental zone in school which it is encouraged to keep free from litter.