Term 1 2021-22 – Click here to read!

Principal’s Welcome
Dear Parents, Carers, Pupils and Staff
Welcome to our Term 1 Newsletter
To use a familiar opening…I am really amazed at just how quickly the first term of this academic year has gone. It really has flown by!


Term 2 2021-22 – Click here to read!

My goodness – that has certainly been a term and a half! I would like to start by saying how incredibly proud I am of each and every pupil and member of staff at All Saints; and also how grateful I am for the wider support of parents, governors and colleagues working in other agencies and, of course, our strategic partners at Ambitions Academies Trust


Term 3 2021-22 – Click here to read!

As I add the finishing touches to this terms newsletter, the UK is currently recording the highest windspeeds anywhere in the world!

Storm Eunice has certainly made her presence known with disruption to travel and school closures in place today, 18 February 2022. I hope that you and your family are safe and well. Please do follow the local guidance and stay in wherever possible until the storm passes.


Term 4 2021-22 – Click here to read!

A huge “Well Done” to everyone for reaching the end of what has been a busy and eventful term.

Whilst the national media messaging regarding Covid recently is that things are returning to normality, the reality is that this has been a very challenging term for staffing in schools up and down the country and also for us at All Saints. I am very grateful for everyone’s support and understanding of the periods of remote learning that we have needed to implement…


Term 5 2021-22 – Click here to read!

Welcome to our Term 5 Newsletter

Although it has been a short half term, in terms of weeks, it has been a very busy time at All Saints. Well done to every pupil for your efforts at school this term – you deserve the next week off!

The picture above is a quick snapshot of our “Principal’s Tea” that took place this week to commend pupils with a nod to the Jubilee year. Thank you to everyone involved in this…


Term 6 2021-22 – Click here to read!

Welcome to our Term 6 Newsletter

It seems rather odd to celebrate a year without a lockdown, but that is exactly what we are doing this summer!

It has been fantastic to see a full academic year through and although there have been some challenges along the way due to the tail end of the pandemic, I think everyone is pleased that schools have remained open this year. Well done to all our pupils for their resilience this year…and farewell to Year 11