Click here for advice and support: Bullying and violence related advice and support – Stand Against Violence

We recently hosted the Stand Against Violence team in our school assembly to discuss the important issue of violence prevention. The Stand Against Violence website offers a range of resources that can benefit both students and parents. These include free educational materials, posters, and videos that can help individuals identify different types of violence such as cyberbullying, knife crime, and domestic abuse. By providing this information, the website aims to increase awareness of the warning signs of violence and enable individuals to take steps to prevent it from happening.

The website also provides workshops, training programs, and events that offer practical skills and knowledge on how to prevent violence. These programs cover topics such as conflict resolution and self-defense, and are designed to equip students and parents with the necessary tools to stay safe.

Finally, the website provides links to other organizations and resources that offer support to those affected by violence. This can be a useful avenue for students and parents to seek help and advice if they or someone they know is experiencing violence.

Overall, the Stand Against Violence website is a valuable resource that offers information, skills, and support to prevent and address violence for both students and parents.