The intention of our PE core curriculum is:

To promote a healthy and active lifestyle now and for the future. To encourage support of one another, teamwork, acceptance of rules and defeat, reflection, problem solving and celebration.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure all pupils develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities, are physically active for sustained periods of time and engage in competitive sports.

Included in the PE curriculum is a broad range of physical activities examples are: football, rugby, hockey, netball, badminton, basketball, trampolining, handball, fitness, dance, table tennis, rounders, tennis, cricket and athletics.

The PE core curriculum is implemented by:

A dedicated team of 5 specialists who use a wide range of teaching and learning strategies to develop interest, encourage life long learning and inspire development in performances.

In Key Stage 3 and 4 the majority of work is split into 6-8 lesson blocks, where the pupils study one activity, then change activities. Some activities are repeated over the different years in order to develop competence, knowledge and increase the complexity of the physical activities.

We encourage all the pupils to practice the core and advanced skills in each activity.

The PE lessons usually follow a period of skill development followed by more competitive aspect of the activity in order to try and embed and practice the skills. Some PE lessons are non-competitive and based on developing personal and technical skills.

At the end of key stage 4 we aim for the pupils to have developed of an understanding of what a healthy active lifestyle is. Growth in terms of team work, support, problem solving acceptance of rules and celebration of success.

Core PE at key stage 4 is not assessed and there is more of a focus on lifelong learning, acquiring the relevant skills for future participation and enjoyment of exercising.

The impact of our PE curriculum is:

Pupils develop confidence in being active and understand, know and can apply this to improve their healthy active life styles.

Pupils will develop sports specific skills, developing core and advanced skills as they progress. The pupils will develop team work, support, problem solving, acceptance of rules and celebration of success.

Examination PE

Pupils can opt to Study more PE on top of their core PE in years 10 and 11, they choose these options during year 9

GCSE PE year 11 pupils currently study Edexcel GCSE PE 1-9.

Examination written papers

Paper 1 – 36% – Fitness and Body Systems
Paper 2 – 24% – Health and Performance
Paper 4 – 10% Personal exercise programme

Practical assessments

Paper 3 – 30% – Practical Performance

GCSE PE year 10 pupils currently study OCR GCSE PE 1-9.

Future years will study OCR GCSE PE 1-9.

Paper 1 – 30% – Physical factors affecting performance
Paper 2 – 30% – Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology
Paper 3 – 40% – 3 activities and 1 analysis of performance task


GCSE Specification

Click to view GCSE specification- Physical Education

Year Guides – Curriculum Content

Year 7 PE Curriculum Content 23-24

Year 8 PE Curriculum Content 23-24

Year 9 PE Curriculum Content 23-24

Year 10 PE Curriculum Content 23-24

Year 11 PE Curriculum Content 23-24