The intention of our MFL curriculum is:

To encourage our pupils to open their minds to other cultures and peoples!

In a small coastal area, the opportunities to meet people from other countries can be limited. Therefore, speaking two or more languages improves student employment prospects, even within small local companies.

We believe that studying MFL is a fantastic way to promote a deep understanding and appreciation of other peoples and cultures, and to become a responsible citizen in a rapidly changing global society.

Our MFL curriculum is implemented by:

A dedicated, specialist teaching team who use a wide range of teaching and learning approaches are used in order to engage students and stimulate their interest!

The majority of every lessons will take place in the target language, allowing students to develop their comprehension skills. Students will work individually, in pairs or in groups and will learn through songs, You Tube videos, role plays and texts. With an emphasis on achieving effective communication, students will start speaking from “Day 1” and quickly learn the skills required. Students will investigate French, German or Spanish culture and develop their understanding of differences and similarities between our cultures. Topics interleave and overlap in order to keep vocab fresh in minds and grammatical structures transferrable.

In Key Stage 3, the focus is on developing the key skills needed for the GCSE course: reading, listening, speaking, writing and translating. The main topics covered fit into the 3 GCSE themes of ‘Identity and Culture’, ‘Local, National and International Areas of Interest’ and ‘Education and Employment’. Students will learn how to describe, offer opinions and compare and contrast in spoken and written form and develop their understanding of the language in reading and listening.

In Key Stage 4, students continue to develop the skills they have been introduced to at KS3 across the 3 themes.

In Speaking and Writing they will focus on extending their ability to narrate in detail a series of events in the past, present and future with reference to others as well as themselves. They will be able to offer a wide range of opinions and justify them.

In Listening and Reading, students will use authentic materials, including some short literary extracts in the target language, to develop their cultural understanding. They will also learn the skills required for effective translation from and into the target language.

Our joint planning aspires to encourage progress from the baseline starting point for each student every year in order for them to achieve their maximum progress.

The impact of our MFL curriculum is:

For our students to develop good language skills that will enable them communicate in a language other than their own at an appropriate level.

Students will have better communication skills and a deeper understanding of how their own language works.

They will also have an insight into the diversity of lives around the world and be more considerate and understanding citizens.

Students will have grown in confidence and be equipped to take their studies further or to use their understanding in their future working life.

In short, they will have more opportunities to contribute to the wider world!

Key Stage 4 Assessment

GCSE Exam Board: AQA for German, Spanish and French

GCSE Assessment:

Students will be entered for either the Higher or Foundation tier for all four assessments. Speaking assessments take place during a designated window of time provided by the exam board prior to the main block of GCSE assessments in May/June.

Paper 1 Listening 25%
Paper 2 Speaking 25%
Paper 3 Reading 25%
Paper 4 Writing 25%


GCSE Specification

Click to view GCSE specification- French

Click to view GCSE specification- German

Year Guides – Curriculum Content
Year 7 MFL (French & German) Curriculum Content 23-24
Year 8 MFL (French & German) Curriculum Content 23-24
Year 9 MFL (French & German) Curriculum Content 23-24
Year 10 MFL (French & German) Curriculum Content 23-24
Year 11 MFL (French & German) Curriculum Content 23-24