The intention of our ICT Curriculum is:

To ensure students can use ICT proficiently throughout their lives!

Currently there is a shortage of people with the right ICT expertise in the UK, ICT isn’t just good for business and the economy, it is fun and it gives young people huge opportunities in life.

In today’s technologically dependent culture, computers now appear in almost every aspect of our society and are still increasing in popularity. From banking, shopping and communicating, to driving our cars, controlling our homes and making decisions for us – there’s very little a computer can’t do. If a computer can’t do it, chances are someone’s trying to make it do it.

Our ICT curriculum is implemented by:

Ensuring students are familiar with the use of computers and other related technology. However, ICT at Key Stage 3 will give them an insight into what goes on ‘behind the scenes’, including computer programming and developing mastery skills of every day software packages.

A key attribute for success is the ability to plan solutions from inception to implementation – working through problems and the ability to adapt to solutions are essential skills that all pupils will learn and enhance through ICT.

The impact of our ICT curriculum is:

To see students enabled and equipped with an effective and wide ranging set of ICT skills
GCSE ICT provides excellent preparation for higher study and employment. The increasing importance of information technologies means there is growing demand for professionals who are qualified in this area.

Key Stage 4 Assessment
We teach the Edexcel Digital Information Technology (BTEC) course